Wheat Beer | How to Brew Everything 

The guys from How to Make Everything came out to our extremely warm greenhouse in order to get the skinny on locally grown hops. We think they came to the right place. 

Beer Advocate: Future Farmers - Will Hydroponic Hops Change the Beer Industry 

Beer Advocate: Future Farmers - Will Hydroponic Hops Change the Beer Industry 

Hops are harvested once a year and grow best in the optimal climates of Germany and America’s Pacific Northwest. In recent years, the hop growing industry has been challenged by fires, weather, pests and demand from new breweries making more and more hop-focused beers. In fact, some are now sounding the alarm for an impending hop shortage. So what’s a young start-up brewer to do? An entrepreneurial homebrewer with a degree in hydroponic greenhouse cultivation in Colorado and a group of four enterprising beer fans in Minnesota may have the answer, ... Read More


Star Tribune/Minnesota on Tap: Minnesota's first hydroponic hop garden looks to change the way we grow hops 

A fresh hop beer in spring? Yes it’s possible says the foursome that is Round Table Hops. The vision was laid out 3 years ago and with a little help from Kickstarter, they hope to realize the potential of locally grown hops. Ben Vaughn is the “jack of all trades” guy and started out as a home brewer with the dream of opening his own taproom. He, Ted Reeck (CFO), Erin Kayser (Environmentalist), and Mike Michurski spent two years meeting about the possibilities only to find that no one thought this would work, yet none of these people had tried either. ... Read More

Growler Magazine: Wet-Hopped American Winter: Round Table Hops' Plan for a year-round Hydroponic Harvest 

Seasonal beers are one of the great joys of the craft beer industry. All is right in the world when you can drink a winter warmer on New Year’s Eve and a summer session ale on the Fourth of July.

Among hopheads, late August to early September marks the best beer season of all: fresh-hop season. Hops are bursting with citrusy, floral, and earthy oils when fresh off the bine, lending inimitable aromas and flavors to wet-hopped seasonal beers like Minneapolis Town Hall Fresh Hop 100, Founders Harvest Ale, and Lagunitas Born Yesterday Fresh Hop Ale. As it stands, the season for wet-hop beers is limited in cold-weather climates. But what if your favorite fresh-hop beers could be on tap in February, or April? ... Read More

The New School Beer Blog: Hydroponic Year-Round Fresh Hops Could Change Everything 

A recently ended successful Kickstarter campaign “Round Table Hops: Where Beer Grows” could revolutionize the beer and hop farming industries with an innovative new approach to growing hops. This small group of four friends in Minneapolis, Minnesota have successfully raised $25,147 on Kickstarter to prove their concept that you can grow hops all four seasons in a hydroponic garden for off-season fresh hop harvests. If this works out, and so far it is working, than hops could be grown all over the country with ... Read More



Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal: Hydroponic hops grower clears first hurdle: The Kickstarter campaign

A hydroponic hops business has successfully concluded its Kickstarter campaign, and is looking to get bigger.

Round Table Hops finished construction on a pilot greenhouse in Forest Lake last year. It harvested its first batch of hops in April. Round Table CEO Ben Vaughn said the yield was about 1.5 pounds of hops per plant, which were used by... Read More